Still-Clean standard boiler cleaner

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Still-Clean removes stubborn water scale residue from the boiler and heating element.

Made primarily of citric acid anhydrous which exists in all plants, especially in lemons and limes. Removes any stubborn residue remaining in the boiling tank, and also great for other household water scaling problems, (coffee pots, tea kettles, etc.) Instructions: Before using: Remove Lid; Turn Fan Switch off; Remove filler tube for storage tank. For a two-gallon capacity boiler tank, use 3 tablespoons Still-Clean to clean the distiller. Fill to about 1/4” over the fill mark with water, add Still-Clean, bring to a boil and let steam for 1 hour. Drain boiler tank, rinsing well. Fill again and run normally, discarding the first batch of water. For a one-gallon capacity distiller, use the same directions except use 1 1/2 tablespoons Still-Clean.