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Durastill 240 Volt Water Distillers

Please allow 12 to 16 weeks delivery for Durastill systems. (No one can deliver sooner.) For essential services or other urgent requirements, contact us to have your Durastill order prioritized. 

Durastill 240 Volt water distillers for commercial or industrial applications or to use in countries with 220-240 Volt, 50 or 60 Hz mains electricity. (May require a new plug or plug adapter when used outside North America. In addition to USA plug, we also have UK and EU plugs that can be supplied upon request when ordering.)

Note about 240 Volt option: Some people mistakenly believe that it is less expensive to run appliances on 240 than on 120 volts. This is wrong for distillers because it takes the same amount of energy to boil a gallon of water with a 240 Volt heating element as with a 120 volt element. It is the energy, in watts or Kilowatts, that the electric company bills for, not volts. Unless you are ordering a system to use in a 220-240 Volt country, or even if you already have 240 Volt circuitry installed, we would recommend ordering a 120 Volt system for ease of relocation if ever required.