Durastill 8 Gallon/Day Automatic with 10 Gallon Reserve and Remote Faucet System

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Durastill 8 Gallons per Day, Automatic Water Distiller with 10 Gallon Reserve tank with casters and water level gauge. Connects easily to any source water line for automatic filling. Automatically turns on and off to replenish reserve tank as necessary. This unit comes with a complete Remote Faucet system for convenient dispensing at alternate location(s).

Produces 30 liters (approximately 8 gallons) every 24 hours.

Features & Convenience:

  • Proven Design with FLOAT CONTROL feature

  • Connects to water line for Continuous Automatic Operation

  • Automatic High Level Control

  • Convenient Faucet with Water Level Gauge

  • 40 Liter (approximately 10.6 Gallons) Stainless Steel Storage Tank

  • Stainless Steel Support Frame with Casters

  • Built-in connection for adding remote faucet system to provide distilled water throughout the house.

  • 316 Alloy stainless steel evaporator for increased corrosion resistance

  • Incoloy (stainless steel super alloy) heating element - 1000 watt

  • Volatile gas vent system eliminates VOCs prior to condensation

  • Self-Sterilization Feature. With empty reserve tank, simply flip fan switch off for a couple minutes when steaming

  • Easily converts from Auto-fill to Manual-fill by flipping a switch, (if a tap water line is not available.)

  • Plugs into any regular 110 to 120 volt outlet. (See our other models for 220 to 240 volt systems.)

  • Everything is included for a normal installation. (Installation kit, Pre-Filter, Post-filter and fittings.)

Complete with Remote Faucet System! The ultimate in convenience. The Durastill Remote Faucet System connects to the storage tank and sends distilled water to the sink, icemaker, cooler - all parts of the home!

Remote Faucet System Features & Convenience:

  • Complete with all necessary plumbing supplies

  • Pump only runs while water is being drawn

  • Maintains line pressure, so it supplies water instantly

  • Stainless steel pulsation eliminator tank supplies nice, even flow

  • Activated charcoal filter "finishes" taste of water. (To bypass merely remove filter cartridge.)

  • 110 Volt operation

  • Includes stainless faucet

Remote Faucet System Component Parts:

  • 1.4 GPM Demand Pump

  • Extra large Remote Faucet Filter

  • Pulsation Eliminator Tank

  • 50' Tubing

  • Stainless Steel Remote Faucet

Size and Weight:

Water Distiller:

  • Height: 13 inches - Including legs which are detached when installing on below tank.

  • Width: 20 inches

  • Depth: 13 inches

  • Shipping Weight: 34 lbs

Storage Tank:

  • Height: 29 inches

  • Width: 20 inches

  • Depth: 13 inches

  • Shipping Weight: 29 lbs

Remote Faucet System:

  • Height: 14 inches

  • Width: 13 inches

  • Depth: 10 inches

  • Shipping Weight: 20 lbs


Overall Height: (Water Distiller plus Storage Tank) 39 inches - Allow 3" additional for ventilation, 42" min. total.